Keep Swimming Into Optimal Shape

Swimming as an exercise activity helps with tuning the entire body for excellent athletic performance. With every lap back and forth, every part of the body is used to exert energy as staying above water and gaining speed all contribute to burning calories and increasing stamina. These are positive factors in developing good cardiovascular health. 

Swimming for Fun and Endurance

backstroke drills

What’s good about swimming is that it pushes you to have good breathing techniques while doing those laps. In other workouts such as weight lifting, there is the temptation to hold one’s breath in between reps. This doesn’t do the body much good since the body needs oxygen to exercise effectively and get oxygenated blood flowing. With swimming, one doesn’t have the option to hold your breath or else you’ll gasp for air and suddenly stop. 

Endurance is the Key

To promote good endurance and stamina, swimming is good at pushing the body to do what it couldn’t before. For example, backstroke drills may appear daunting to someone who is just starting out with swimming as an exercise. But by learning the proper technique and form, doing this type of stroke will enhance both the flexibility and endurance of both feet and the arm muscles to increase speed and momentum.

Swimming for a Healthy Body

While incorporating other workouts outside of the pool, swimming has benefits beyond just being fun and challenging. It’s better than being on a treadmill or on the cycling machine, and it’s refreshing for the body to be underwater. Every muscle group gets worked out and the work put into this form of exercise becomes apparent in your life outside of the pool and the gym.

It helps to be in the water.  Swimming is perfect for breaking the monotony of lifting weights or being on the treadmill. It’s refreshing and a great mood booster, especially as summer comes closer.