Having trouble sleeping at night; something bugging you in bed?

bed bugs Staten island

Not having regular nightmares are you? Nope, that’s not it, because you’ve barely had a wink. And it’s been, like how long already? Well, to be quite honest with you, going without a good and proper sleep for so long, there must be something that’s well and truly bugging you in bed at night.

Ah yes, that’s the problem. Hate to put it to you so politely, but you’ve got a problematic case of the bed bugs Staten island size. Will someone please call the exterminator already; these folks really need to get some shut eye.

It’s been how long already? There, you see, now on your bicycles, get set, kill! But don’t you worry a sniffle about that; these guys are already zipping along your way in their vans. They love their work. Killing’s their job and they love to kill bed bugs dead, one time. They’ve got those special tools that’s going to catch these varmints completely by surprise.

A fumigation job and a half might just be necessary but at least by the time these dudes are done and poison dusted at your place, the problem will have been nipped in the bug. Don’t you mind that they inflict cruel and inhumane treatment on these creatures. You did dial them up to do a onetime killing job, didn’t you? So there, let them get on with the job they know how to do best. It’s not like you’ll be doing any better now is it.

After all, where’s the sleep to prove it. And if that’s not it, there’s other pests at work bothering you then don’t you worry about that either. Roll them up; rack them up, here come the exterminators!